Damascus Steel Folding/pocket knife 

Blade length 2.8"inches 

Handle made of Rose wood,Bone ,brass Engraved Bolster and spacer 

Comes with leather sheath 

Blade sharp as Razor Hold an edges 

Disclaimer: This is a knife. It's sharp. Make sure what you're cutting is food, not fingers. You're not going to beat Uncle Chuck to the remote missing fingers. You assume all responsibility for safe use upon receipt.
Damascus pattern and wood grain will vary.
1085 high carbon and Damascus Steel are great at holding an edge, but will rust and stain if not taken care of properly. Please clean and dry your blade after use, and apply a light coat of oil (coconut oil, canola...almost any clear oil) in order to protect the blade and add longevity. 

Damascus Steel Engraved bolster Folding/Pocket knife